RSA School of Motoring's New Pricing Incentives Highlight Differences Among Driving Schools

driving-instructors-dublinRSA School of Motoring has launched three incentive programs, designed to help students easily achieve their driving test goals. The incentives represent a new combination of services, designed to facilitate student progress towards becoming skilled drivers who can pass the driving test. This serves not only to assist students with their goals, but also to separate RSA School of Motoring from other driving schools in Dublin.

"After having a poor experience with another school I finally found the right instructor for me. I really felt he cared about my success." - Anna, Tallaght

Part one of the new incentive structure involves the very necessary and helpful driving test routes, which are now offered for free when students book 5 or more lessons. For students who want to learn to drive and pass the test, test routes are an essential part the winning formula for success. The inclusion of the test routes in the 5-lesson package represents a significant change over previous pricing plans offered by the renowned driving school based out of Dublin. In the past, students chose from an a la cart menu of services, with test routes a popular option but not necessarily part of the basic package.

Now, however, with RSA School of Motoring's innovative pricing schemes, every student who books 5 or more lessons will get test routes as part of their basic package. The change came about when RSA School of Motoring's curriculum designers observed that knowing the test routes was a major factor in determining whether or not their students passed the driving test. Directors of the School know that economy is important to their students, and when push came to shove, the a la cart pricing scheme was causing many students to forgo the test routes for budgetary reasons. Not so any longer with the introduction of the incentive. Since the curriculum designers and instructors are in agreement that test routes are a necessary component of the driving school syllabus, the revised the pricing structure, which reflects the importance of the test routes, seemed not only necessary but imperative in fulfilling the school's mission.

RSA School of Motoring is structured around a results-oriented, student-driven educational format, with the singular goal of preparing students to pass the driving test and become drivers for life. Therefore, the new incentives also include a free motorway lesson upon successful completion of the driving test. RSA School of Motoring isn't just about passing the driving test: it's about preparing students to become the best drivers for life. With the addition of the free motorway lesson, the school is putting their money where their mouth is. Students come back for the motorway lesson at no cost, the school knows it's done its job and stood behind its philosophy, and the roads become safer with more knowledgeable drivers.

Part three is the addition of the economy package deal of 12 EDT lessons for €299. Again, the budget-priced package is designed to encourage students to get as much knowledge of the roads and practice driving as much possible before becoming fully licensed drivers. Experience shows that the more driving school lessons a driver has had, the safer, better driver he or she becomes, and that's for life. What students learn at RSA School of Motoring are essential skills for driving which will stick with them for life. These new incentive programs aim at encouraging students to get as much schooling as possible, to that end.

The new pricing incentives are in line with the school's mission to graduate fully prepared drivers for the open road so they can pass the driving test, students who approach driving with both skill and safety in mind at all times. The incentives offer students more schooling and better quality education for their money. This is in part what separates RSA School of Motoring apart from the rest. Experience, insider's knowledge, and proven results distinguish RSA School of Monitoring, and their new pricing schemes separate them even more.

RSA School of Motoring has helped hundreds of students in Dublin become better drivers and pass the EDT. Their strength lies in their expert instructors, professionally designed curriculum, and new wallet-friendly course packages that offer students exactly what they need for the test and beyond.